Who we are


We want to transmit the importance of building a
strong personality that inspires from within.

Our personality is made of origins, experiences,
influences, passions and much more. Our personal
belongings reveal a part of this personality.

What's inside my be.bag?

Personal items that reflect my personality, they
express my choices and taste, they show to the
world who I am.

My be.bag is plenty of notebooks, a sketchbook and
marker pens (for when creativity strikes) to
be.creative, my laptop and cellphone is always with
me to be.connected.

For the front pocket, there’s always a box of mints,
some fruits (to be. healthy), sometimes I take my
skateboard and water bottle in the side pocket
(to be. sporty).

Personality is everything that makes you an
individual, that makes you different from others. It’s
everything INSIDE of you.

We believe

It is time for you to be rather than do.
We believe in the next generation. Like us
we want you to embark on a new
journey of being yourself with no fear.

We exist to

Encourage you to be yourself. Our world
needs your unique gift to make this place
even more amazing.

be.inspired with be.bag

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