Style meets sustainability

This means we’re cleaning our lands and oceans from billions of wasted plastic bottles. Turning them into a high-quality fabric that will make your be.bag a very stylish yet sustainable backpack. / be.flexible

Made from recycled PET bottles*

we use recycled fabric to use less resources within our production. By doing this we take care that only recycled plain plastic bottles are being used within the recycling process. This ensures the same durability and stability as virgin (non-recycled) fabric.

*60% of outer fabric made from recycled PET bottles.


How does the recycling process works?

Using recycled fabrics means

1. Divert billions of plastic bottles from our land and oceans
2. Reduce gas consumption
3. Save waters
4. Eliminates CO2 emissions



All be.bag products are produced PVC free, one part of our conscious work to create sustainable products.

Your be.bag is cool and ecofriendly.

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